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I've been busy working on my 3D animation.

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Posted by Xerxes-Sangco - September 6th, 2009

Finally decided to release the Halo Metalized guitar tabs. This is just a remix of the original Halo theme composed by Martin O'Donnell. I do not own, or claim to own the original composition.

By downloading these tabs you agree that you do not own this song nor do you intend to use it for commercial release.


On a side note I noticed that I've been receiving alot of messages as to whether or not you're free to download and use my songs for your projects. I don't logon here that often, pretty much never, so I never get to see your messages.

But of course you can use 'em!!! =) That's why they're on Newgrounds, to help out folks just like you.

As long as it's not being used for anything commercial, or anything you're being paid for.

I also noticed that some people don't like to give credit where needed. All artists appreciate it when they're acknowledged so please, give us credit where it's do.

Rock on!


Posted by Xerxes-Sangco - August 25th, 2008

Here's a link to my updated Animation Demo Reel because YouTube doesn't allow videos to be replaced.


-Xerxes Sangco

Posted by Xerxes-Sangco - June 26th, 2008

It's been a long time since I've posted anything on NEWGROUNDS. I just want to thank everyone who's enjoyed my music (original and covers).

I have some news for everyone.

For the people asking permission to use my music, YES! You are able to use my music ROYALTY FREE! No need to ask permission from me, that's the whole reason it's on NEWGROUNDS!
Use it, abuse it, tear it's ass up! It's free! As long as I get proper credit of course. =)

For the people looking for the tabs of my original songs. Sorry guys, bad news. All my files were in my old computer which I forgot to back up. That computer ended up getting reformatted which pretty much means I don't have any of the tabs for my songs.


For the people interested in the tabs for my Halo Metal Remix! I HAVE IT! I was able to save it in an email in 2006 when I made the song. Now I just have to find a place to upload it, suggestions anyone? I tried ultimate guitar but they didn't accept it. =(

Now, some people had some bad things to say about my metalized remix. Let me get a few things straight.
This is a remix of the ORIGINAL HALO THEME! I never intended to do a remix of Steve Vai's version, heck no I wouldn't even consider touching that. This is my own remix of how I felt a metalized version should sound, take it or leave it.
The solo sucks, I know, I made that song when I had only been playing the guitar for 1 1/2 years!!! I sucked!
The sound is crappy, yea. I didn't realize because of my cheap-o headphones at the time. And I was still trying to figure how to master a song correctly. I still don't know how btw.
People are complaining that the song is either too fast or too slow...??? Um...ok.

Hope this clears some things up!

Now for the last bit of news.
I have officialy stopped playing the guitar. I still play once in awhile but I felt I needed to focus more on my career(which I haven't started yet) than the guitar. I have focused more of my time on 3D Character Animation. You can see my demo reel here!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P9iz-3k FJhg

Now I'm just trying to find a job! AH! It's so hard!

Well if you've read this far I just want to thank you so much for your time! I appreciate everyone's feedback on my work and hope you guys have enjoyed what I've enjoyed making. It's a great feeling seeing my work on a bunch of animations and videos on Youtube and Newgrounds you guy's have created, seeing your name on random chinese websites, and for that I thank you all!

Thanks again for your time!

See ya!

-Xerxes Sangco