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This was cool...

But it got alittle boring after awhile because you kept recycling the same scene's over and over again... the song's catchy though...

Good Job

StealthBeast responds:

Thanks very much.


AHAHAHA! This is funny, which is the whole point of a "Spoof".... but this was also kinda dumb... but still pretty funny....


This is David Firth isn't it!? AHAHAHA this is too hilarious! I'm glad this made front page, it truly deserves it, and if you're going to bash on it saying stupid shit like so many people already have, please go kill yourself.

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Oh man...

You guys used my song...THANK YOU! That made my day! Even though the game isn't fully working at the moment, I really appreciate it! =)!!

This was mediocre...

Alot like Xiao Xiao 4, but what annoyed me was the fact that I had to reload each single bullet everytime, this kind of brought down the fun. Also the animations at times were abit stiff, but that's ok I guess since it looks like you've had no training with 3D animation/modelling.

ps. Giving responses like "Flash By: Whoever -none-" is just ridiculous. It just shows how much of a poor sport you are.

fungus-shark408 responds:

Saying "Flash by" is showing how unqualified they are to give my game such a rating. Besides, they're mostly to the abusve reviews anyway.

You bastard!

HAHA I jumped out of my seat in one of the scenes, I'm not going to say where but I hate you! Good stuff... did exactly what you were trying to do, nice graphics as well.

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I'm late in the review but I've been waiting for this!!! GREEEAT SONG!! 5/5!!!


Pure Genius!

nothing else to say...


There is probably some kind of SUBLIMINAL MESSAGE in each and every one of your songs cause they're all so damn good!! I don't even listen to trance either! Especially since I'm always submitting to the Heavy Metal section!! Great work on every one of your songs! =D

I've been busy working on my 3D animation.

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