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Halo Metalized Guitar Pro Tabs

2009-09-06 06:08:37 by Xerxes-Sangco

Finally decided to release the Halo Metalized guitar tabs. This is just a remix of the original Halo theme composed by Martin O'Donnell. I do not own, or claim to own the original composition.

By downloading these tabs you agree that you do not own this song nor do you intend to use it for commercial release.

On a side note I noticed that I've been receiving alot of messages as to whether or not you're free to download and use my songs for your projects. I don't logon here that often, pretty much never, so I never get to see your messages.

But of course you can use 'em!!! =) That's why they're on Newgrounds, to help out folks just like you.

As long as it's not being used for anything commercial, or anything you're being paid for.

I also noticed that some people don't like to give credit where needed. All artists appreciate it when they're acknowledged so please, give us credit where it's do.

Rock on!



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2011-02-19 06:42:47

you are awesome, that is all.


2012-08-02 05:27:31

Do you think you might make a longer version for the Halo Metalized?